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ShiLi & Adi releases debut single When I'm With You (WIWY) on Friday, 15 Mar 2019 via Warner Indonesia

25 February 2019, Monday

Singapore’s top vocal duo ShiLi & Adi will be releasing its debut single When I’m With You on Friday, 15 March 2019 via Warner Indonesia.

When I’m With You (WIWY) is a modern love song, an easy-listening, catchy dance number with a little throwback to the 80s combined with EDM elements that describes the optimistic dream shared by lovers in love. Self-composed by the duo and arranged by the renowned producer Irwan Simanjuntak (Rio Febrian, Afgan, Glenn Fredly), the song highlights the pair’s best-known quality in smooth vocal harmony and unmistakable chemistry.

First previewed to the public on a sold out EP preview held at University Cultural Centre Theatre on the eve of Valentine’s Day, 13 February 2019, WIWY  became a crowd favourite, with the audience humming along throughout the live performance of the song’s acoustic version, and positive feedback generated on social media afterwards.

ShiLi Yap, one half of the duo said on stage while introducing the song, “Nothing feels better than knowing that you have found the one to plan a shared life and future together. I’m so lucky to have experienced it first-hand.”

Adi Rakhmadian, vocalist and pianist of the duo who is still single, chimed in, “In the modern, practical and pragmatic context of love, I’m looking for someone with whom I can build ‘castles in the sky’ together. Who wants to share a future with me?” – referring to the song’s chorus line that got the audience breaking into laughter. When asked why was 'castles in the sky' used in the catchy hook, Adi replied, "in today's love story context, most couples in Singapore choose to BTO first before popping the question, so when we put the lyrics together, our castle refers to building a home high up in the sky which hopefully relates to couples building a future together in the local context."

The duo then premiered the music video for When I’m With You, shot against a beautiful backdrop of Singapore’s iconic skyline, underlining the duo’s origins and signifying their arrival and eagerness to make an impact in the music scene. The video was a hit with the audience, who responded positively on its upbeat quality and light storyline about love.

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