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Video Editors

Have a bunch of raw videos that you have no idea how to piece it together? Send it to us and let us touch it up for you.

Our satisfied clients have given us regular projects due to the quality of work we provide.

Here's a sample of our work:

, view this post from your live site.

From faded and lacklustre raw video that will not be able to engage your audience, we colour grade to make your visual pop up.

Addition of lower thirds are added to guide your viewers in the entire workout session without depending on instructor's voice which may sometimes not be clear to the viewers.

Sizing that does not fit your platform's requirement of 1920 x 1080 px, let us help you resize and trim off unnecessary angles in the frame, add-on your organisation's branding, overlay and brand message in the entire content.

Our completed products go through the following treatments and additions:

  • Thumbnails

  • Opening intro video

  • Instructional titles

  • Lower thirds

  • Countdown Timers

  • Ending video

  • Colour Grading

  • Frame Cropping

  • Transitions

  • and more...



A raw video was provided to us in .mov / .mp4 with the below characteristics.

Don't waste resources by asking your in-house staff to work on a project where they can better spend their time generating new leads and sales for you.

Looking for solutions?

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