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Virtual Live Band

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

On 6 Sep 2020, we are delighted to be invited as the closing live band for Families for Life virtual weekend! From performing popular movie soundtracks and sharing families values and how "making time for your loved ones" is so important, we were so glad to have entertained 30,000 viewers in this music performance co-hosted by Emcee Shannon.

Here are some of the comments from our viewers that we have screenshot for you!

If you are keen on watching the livestream, click here: our band sets are from - 1:03:00 to 1:20:00 1st set, 1:39:00 to 1:55:00 2nd set)

Thank you Merry Bees for taking us live to the Families for Life platform and Ape Events for organising this event.


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