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Virtual Live Entertainment & Solutions

Since COVID-19 has greatly impacted the events industry, we have taken steps to move our performances onto virtual platforms and create online content for our clients.

Our team has had the privilege of establishing the live streaming framework and production for Singapore's first ever "Online Virtual CC" for Geylang Serai CC on their Facebook Live sessions during a time when platforms like this were not thought of. As a result many PA organisations and CCs have taken our lead and has had consultations with us and are now adopting a similar framework as they venture into online live streaming programmes of their own.

What can we do for you?

We have also extended this live streaming framework and production service to our corporate clients of whom we have facilitated in less public platforms such as Zoom Webinars and closed Facebook Live groups with great success.

Our confidence in this area is backed by our teams expertise in audio and video production, creative programming and most importantly the production processes specific to live streaming to create high quality interactive live online programmes on popular platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Youtube Live, Zoom Webinars and such for your organisation.

Planning a virtual ROM / engagement / birthday party?

Work with us and our partners to give you an unparalleled experience.

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