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Reflecting the diverse ethnic background of the duo, the trilingual EP contains 5 self-penned songs – in English, Malay and Mandarin. Physical copy of the EP will be released on the night itself, which serves as a prelude to the digital release in March 2019.


Berdua is a powerful word in the Bahasa language, essentially symbolizing the significance of collaboration, partnership and love between two people that results in something greater than the sum of its parts.


Adi Rakhmadian, vocalist and keyboardist of the duo says, “No word in the English language can describe it so succinctly. Two people Berdua in love have something that is stronger than any other forces in the world.”


ShiLi Yap, the other half of the duo chimed in, “Having the Bahasa language as a common language between the two of us, it is no wonder Berdua came to mind. The album name was a unanimous decision.”


Berdua takes listeners on a journey of love, as showcased by the two leading English singles. Album opener Pick Me is an electronic dance music (EDM) track that speaks of love, confidence and self-assurance. Power-packed with modern beats that targets the mainstream radio, it draws back to a lover who decides to take command over an on-and-off relationship, clamouring for the other party to make a stand. This track is also given an Asian touch where the instrumental segment features the traditional sounds of gamelan and chants from the kecak dance to represent one of the roots of the duo’s ethnicity.


When two people finally find love, they start planning for a shared life and future together. When I’m With You (and its Malay version Bersamamu) is an easy-listening, catchy dance number with a little throwback to the 80s combined with EDM elements that describes the optimistic dream shared by lovers in love.


The EP concludes with a power ballad that speaks about the belief in love at first sight. It is not often that some of us have the privilege of meeting someone by chance and knowing that the person is the one. The song’s main theme is “Serendipity” which translates to Kebetulan, is a hopeful love story about taking a chance on love and discovering that sometimes the best things happen by coincidence. The ballad’s Mandarin version, titled 原来是你 (Yuan Lai Shi Ni) was premiered by the duo to an audience of 20,000 at the National Stadium on 20 October 2018 as the opening act of Wakin Chau (Emil Chau) Live in Singapore presented by UnUsual Entertainment.


In terms of genre and direction, the EP stays true to the duo’s love for pop music, combined with elements of dance in the first 2 songs as well as strings orchestra on the last ballad. Produced by Irwan Simanjuntak, all the songs highlight the duo’s best-known quality in smooth vocal harmony and unmistakable chemistry.

ShiLi & Adi - Berdua EP (Physical CD)

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